ID Documents

In accordance with the specification sheet, a user may be required to provide a valid ID for the purpose of their verification or to increase their transaction limits. The user will be required to provide information such as the ID type, ID number, Expiry Date along with a copy of ID. You shall ensure that the ID provided by the user is:

  • an acceptable type of ID,

  • a valid ID,

  • according to ID Criteria outlined below

If document information is required, you will need to pass the information as a VIRTUAL DOCUMENT. If document copy is required, you will need to pass the document as a PHYSICAL DOCUMENT. Depending on the ID type, an image of the front and back of the ID document may be required. The details on the requirements are outlined in your specification sheet.

Acceptable ID Types

In the case of individual users, an acceptable type of ID is one or more of the following (unexpired) IDs:

  • US Federal Government issued Passport

  • US Federal or State Government issued ID

  • State Government issued Driver’s License

  • Passport issued by Foreign Government with valid isa or I-94

Examples for Invalid ID

  • The ID has holes punched in it.

  • The ID is stamped.

  • The ID is expired.

ID Criteria

The ID copies uploaded by users are recommended to meet the following criteria to improve accuracy:

  • The image should be steady.

  • Blurry images will not be verified.

  • The ID should occupy most of the image.

  • The ID and text should be aligned properly- Photo image of the ID should be taken on a flat surface.

  • The ID should have a Plain background.

  • Name on the ID should match the Name and DOB provided by the user during signup.

  • The ID should be uploaded only in .jpeg or .jpg format.

  • Photo image of the ID should be in full color (no black and white images accepted).

  • All four (4) corners of the ID should be visible in the uploaded copy.

  • The uploaded copy should not have any shadow or lighting effects such as Flash.

  • All the details on the ID, for example, photo of the user, expiry date, etc. should be clearly visible.

  • The uploaded copy or any part of it should be human and machine readable.

  • Min resolution ~1200 pixels, minor axis.

  • Good natural lighting (average pixel intensity ~150).

  • We recommend a maximum file size of 2 MB (most high-quality JPG are around 1 MB).

Note: Users should be informed of the above ID criteria.

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