RaaS API Docs

Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Machnet's API docs! Our API is organized around REST.
These API docs outline the end-points and integration details to successfully integrate our product to build your kick-ass FinTech application. Contact our team to get access to our sandbox API and happy building!

What is Machnet and what do we do?

Machnet is an "All-in-One banking, compliance, payment, and payout infrastructure - reimagined and built for cross-border businesses". We enable companies by providing license and compliance infrastructure along with banking and payment rails to move money across borders from the US. Our solution also removes the obstacles and challenges you face when integrating with multiple 3P solutions.
With our single integrated API, you can get up and running as quickly as 2 weeks.
You will have to use the following URL to access our sandbox: https://sandbox.api.machpay.com/v2
Use our Postman collection to quickly run through our API endpoint
Run In Postman
Any feedback on our API docs, please help us get better at [email protected]. Experiencing Technical Issues? Please contact our support at [email protected].
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